Freakin' Answers

So let's see how you scored…..add up your points, for each question give yourself points as follows;

a) = 1 point
b) = 2 points
c) = 3 points

10 points
You have refined sensibilities, love the finer things in life and shop at Tiffany's.
You would love the Uppercrust burger with the portabella mushroom side paired with a cabernet
wine. Be careful not to get stuck in a rut, there are other burgers on our menu that you would love

11-15 points
You are adventurous, a go getter, voted most likely to succeed in high school.
The Fusion burger is just your style, you are not afraid to be the first to try something new, and
may we suggest a Michigan craft beer and a side of fries with 3 sauces for dipping.

16-20 points
No pain no gain, you work hard and play hard. You light up the room and always make an entrance.
Passionate intellectual discussions are your forte.
We suggest the Fire burger, with a side of Jalapeno poppers, and to cool you off how about a large
glass of water………cause you're going to need it!

21-25 points
You are a special person, loved by everyone. You know all the words to every song, and have won
over a crowd with your karaoke skills.
Try our Drunken Mushroom burger, because like you the mushrooms are more fun after drinking.
Everything goes great with our sweet potato fries, they taste like dessert, and since the mushrooms
have already been drinking, we would suggest a tall mellow yellow to wash it all down.

26-30 points
You are a traditionalist, you are classic, you know what you like and you are not afraid to show it,
you're sexy and you know it.
You have J Crew catalogs in your bathroom and even your underwear has your monogram.
The Freakin' burger is a classic made a little more special with our secret Freakin' sauce. A side of fries
and an icy cold Classic Coke are just what you need.

*This test was provided by Dr. Martin van Nostrum, of the American Psychological Burger Institute
(APBI), and should be administered under professional guidance only.